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Trees have great landscape value and provide multiple benefits. To ensure that your trees are safe and healthy we can easily and inspect them for any important structural tree defects and overall condition.

Often times, homeowners, businesses, public site mangers, and even arborists suspect that one or more of their trees may have structural defects they have questions about. We offer on-site evaluations with options for treatments. Request a field visit or consultation. Also, I am happy to consult with other Arborists nationwide by phone and e-mail images.

At Safe Trees we provide valuable services and resources by way of extensive training and experience, to ensure your trees are safe and healthy.

Field Guide

The "Evaluating Tree Defects" field guide is an excellent resource for homeowners and Arborists for seeing the different types of tree defects, guidelines for evaluating those defects, and guidelines for evaluating tree decay. Learn More ->

Field Visits & Consultations

Without experience, the un-trained eye can miss subtle signs and symptoms of a potential tree failure. A field visit provides an expert on site evaluation with options for treatment. Learn More ->

Training & Hazard Tree & Tree Dissection Workshops

Designed for tree care professionals, my workshops include classroom presentations and hands-on outside field exercises. Any workshop can be tailored to fit your needs. Learn More ->

Aerial Decay Evaluation

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Bismark ND Workshop 2011

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