About Safe Trees, LLC

Founded by Ed Hayes in 2000, Safe Trees, LLC is a company dedicated to teaching in the field of Tree Risk Assessment. Ed has over 30 years experience in the field of Tree Risk Assessment.

In 2000, we published a field guide for Arborists titled "Evaluating Tree Defects". Following a year of travel and teaching the second was published in the fall of 2001.

Currently there are greater than 7000 copies in circulation worldwide. Over the years more than 100 workshops have been conducted in many US states including Hawaii and in other countries including Australia and the UK.

Ed is a Plant Pathologist and Entomologist by education and training with more than 35 years of experience, 31 of those years as a Regional Forest Health for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, working out of Rochester, Minnesota. Ed has a B.S. degree in Forest Management and a Master's degree in Plant Pathology from Virginia Tech. He has been an ISA Certified Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture since 2000. He has authored many other publications and newsletters over the years, see resource links.

In April 2010 Ed founded Hayes Trees, LLC, a full service tree care company, primarily providing Plant Health Care services with clients throughout the greater region and in the nearby states of Iowa and Wisconsin. Be sure to visit www.edhayestree.com.

Recognition and Memberships;
Minnesota Division of Forestry Award of Excellence June 1998 for teaching Tree risk Assessment in Minnesota.
International Society of Arboriculture, Western chapter, since 2000.

Above left image; a native butternut tree, mid-1980's before it died from butternut canker disease in the 1990's. Above right image; the state of Iowa champion Eastern black walnut, stands today on Iowa's Pentacrest, the old capitol grounds in Iowa City. In May 2013 we did a complete tree risk assessment and extended and re-grounded the existing 30 year old lightning protection system.

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